Well here goes nothing…

I had always been the really supportive rider on the sidelines, up to do a quick groom for a friends’ horse before they entered the ring, or a speedy boot wipe.  I never had the finances, nor the mental strength to be a show girl, and as I have matured and grown into the woman I am today, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t mind anymore.  But one thing that I’ve always wanted was a fancy show horse.  Fast forward a couple years, and I had the go ahead to start looking for my new horse!!

So a horse-savvy family friend, my mother and I all packed into the car to see a horse I’d seen an ad for and was interested in.  We get to the barn, and the owner shows us Petey, a 4 year old Oldenburg, and has me help groom him, and tack him up.  He was very babyish and curious, feeling the need to stick his face in everything, from the grooming box, to sniffing my backside while I picked out his hooves.  It was so refreshing to see a horse with a personality!  The owner then led us to the back of the property, where the ring was so I could see him go and hop on him.  According to her, he had been started previously, but due to her “health issues, time, and financial constraints” she had to discontinue his training and so he sat in the field for about a year.  So I got on and she led me around on him, telling me how when he was going he was very easy, and pretty much just giving me a sales pitch.  Of course, the weather started to turn sour, and Petey was not liking having to walk around in a hurricane.  We took him back in, thanked the girl, and went home. 

Now in all other instances, I would have hightailed it out of there.  Everything seemed fishy about the girl, from him being wet when we first gt there, to the arena looking freshly dragged, and her way of handling him.  But there was just something about him I couldn’t pass up.  He was very sweet, was a beautiful mover, had a lovely soft mouth, and his confirmation was gorgeous.  He had been on a high sugar diet, which I believe really contributed to his slight skittishness, and round physique.  After talking with my family about it, we decided to take a chance, and have him shipped up to me in Ocala. Because I had just had hardware removal surgery in my ankle, we decided to place him in full training board, at Lone Palm Stables.

Fast forward to today, Petey, who we’ve now named Ollie, has been everything I thought he would be.  He is learning so quickly, from only having been walked around under tack, to cantering his first course today!!! I have only ridden him twice, due to coming back from my surgery, but every time I’ve ridden him, hes been such a sweetheart, putting up with my balance issues and everything.  To say I’m happy with him is an understatement, but I guess for now it’ll have to do. 🙂

Ollie when he went to a hunter breed show as a 2 yr old.

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