Ah now I remember…

So yesterday, after procrastinating doing my homework all weekend, I had absolutely no time to go to the barn, but thankfully today I was able to go out and see him. 🙂

So because I had the hardware removal surgery on my ankle a couple of months ago, I’ve been trying to slowly work my way back into riding, just to make sure its nice and solid.  So I rode Ollie twice, about two weeks ago, and my trainer and I both agreed that it might be easier for me to get back into it on something that isn’t as green.  So Ive ridden her sales horse that she has there, and he was such a saint.  I’m surprised he hasn’t been snatched up yet by someone who wants a solid citizen… But anyways to bring things to the present, I rode a little pony that just came in.  And boy, it was so much fun!!  My trainer had me do little baby jumps too, which was the first time I’ve jumped in about 3 months, so my eye was nowhere to be found.  But again so much fun! And I remembered that I absolutely love ponies!  Hopefully I’ll ride Ollie sometime soon so I have that happy feeling with him!

But riding the pony killed two birds with one stone.  Ollie is getting some great experiences being ridden with others around him, including mares.  We don’t think Ollie had ever really seen a mare in the four years of his life besides his mother until he got to us in Ocala.  But he still is such a lovable and cuddly guy.  I love him, and cant wait to see what the future holds for us! Also I’m super excited as this Saturday, we are taking him to Don Stewarts farm just to school him around and get him used to traveling and loading, which is not his strong suite.  Practice make perfect 🙂


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