Thank god for muscle memory

Today, I rode the sales horse again, which is two days in a row I’ve ridden.  Now three months ago that would have been no problem, heck I rode two+ horses per day.  But no, my muscles are fighting me, and I am sore.  But still thank god for muscle memory.  I can just park myself, and my muscles settle into their normal stance, no wiggly legs, or out of wack hands.  Its all coming back to me, even if my legs now feel like jello.

The trainer rode Ollie today in a nearby field, just to get him out of the ring.  He looked fine, albeit a bit distracted by me riding the big bay behemoth in the ring next door.  But as long as he still does his job, and just looks around a bit, I don’t mind.  He is a baby, I can’t expect him to mature overnight.  Even the 8 year old I was riding was overly interested in Ollie a field over.  So I’m still very happy with his progress.

Another thing we did with Ol today was practice our loading and unloading.  When she went to pick him up, the trainer said he had no idea about getting on the trailer.  So we introduced it to him, and with in five minutes he was on the trailer… breathing heavily and eyes popping out yes, but on.  He needed little coaxing but he just was visibly uncomfortable being in the dark metal thing.  Again understandable, seeing as hes probably only been on a trailer a handful of times in his life.  But we are trying to get him used to it as we are taking him to school at Don Stewarts this Saturday to get him off the property.  Well see how everything goes…


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