Lets just put this behind us…

So today did not go as I thought it would.  I expected a little calling, maybe some jigging, but it really seemed like everything was against us today.  We show up and its raining.  Both horses were visibly upset, and excited.  We get them tacked up, head out to the field, and start working them.  The other horse wasn’t relaxing, so my trainer hopped on her and handed Ollie to me.  Ollie was jigging next to me, I tried to calm him down, and all of a sudden he runs backwards, breaks the bridle, and runs like a lunatic around the property.  Luckily Ollie had no idea where to go, so he stopped and ate grass, and we caught him.  I found a new bridle, brought him back out, and the trainer got back on him.  He was actually looking really good, calming down nicely, until the other horse torqued her shoe, and came up lame.  When she left, Ollie had a fit, and we decided to just toss in the towel.  After one to many Lipizzaner moves, we figured it wasn’t going to get any better…

Ugh, way too much unwanted excitement for me.  With how good hes been doing at home, I didn’t expect SUCH a blow up.  Blahhhh babies will be babies, I just want to really forget today happened and try again next time lol.  And I hope my trainer doesn’t start charging for all the bridle pieces hes broken….


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