I hate questioning myself

Due to the wonderful class of psychology, I wasn’t able to go out to see Ollie on Sunday or Monday.  I’ve kind of set for myself that Monday will be Ollie’s off days when we move him closer to me when I ride, as that’s what I’m used to, so I don’t feel to bad about not going out. 

Today was much of the same.  Just a little flat work to get his juices flowin’.  But of course our days can’t go on without at least one distraction, and today’s was in the form of a horse that was there for the farrier was intent on galloping around the paddock next to the riding ring.  I think Ollie handled it the best to his little brain abilities, a little snorting and staring, but he was able to get a little focused and it seemed the trainer was able to divert his attention back to normal. 

Next week the trainer is going away on vacation, so it’ll be all me and Ollie time.  This is going to be good for me to really be able to gauge where he is in his training.  I guess its sort of his little test, to see if hes progressed enough for what I would expect, and if not, maybe it’ll be a little reminder of the work I’m going to have to put into him to make him the horse of my dreams.  To be honest after Saturday, while I was studying for my midterm, I started to doubt myself.  Do I really want to deal with that when the trainers not there? Do I have the TIME to devote to him, if thats how he’ll react to doing things he doesn’t like?  The whole reason why we haven’t actually purchased Ollie yet, but are leasing him for a year, is to make sure he is exactly what I want.  Even though I totally understand that green horses are just that, green, I still …… I dont know.  I can see the potential in him, I know I CAN train him, I know I like his personality, and I know he can be a really nice horse, but how long and how much time will it take?  I guess what I’m trying to say is that Saturday really made me question myself…

It doesn’t help that a friend sent me a link to a nice horse that in my price range. Ugh, I guess its just a down day.  Maybe its all the rain we’ve been having thats making me feel down…


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