Today has been such a good day! My classes were canceled, so I had all the time I wanted to spend with Ollie.  He was SUCH a good boy today.  I have figured him out a bit more, and can now regulate his trot with ease, where before it was a struggle.  And his canter is getting there.  He has such a powerful canter that its hard for him to really balance yet, but he tries so hard, and listens well.  He knows woah very well, lazy bum.  Hes starting to figure out when I give him a pat, that he can relax and come to a walk, which was something all our horses knew at my old barn.  Unfortunately though, Florida is getting horrible weather, and we started getting rained on so I brought him in.  Of course when I finished putting him away, the rain stopped and it was all sunny and hot again… Thanks Florida.

Today’s ride was what I really needed.  It gave me a little preview of what he really can be when hes all finished, and to say I’m excited is an understatement… 

So I have decided that next month we’ll do half training and we’ll move him in December.  I am going to be so happy to have him five minutes away, as opposed to 35 minutes away :-).


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