I cant stop smiling

What the heck is with this weather, going from mid 80’s to low 40’s? I live in Fl for a reason!!! I hate the cold! Well, it became so cold so quickly last night that I was really expecting a fire breathing dragon this morning.  I was nervous to say the least, but of course can’t show him that 🙂 So I get on, and I swear he must’ve said in his mind, “Mom, its just cold weather, chill out!” 
Needless to say he was such a good boy… LAZY even.  As I said before, I’ve really figured out his trot, its just his canter that I need to work on.  Hes good about listening and woahing, but when he does sometimes I don’t have enough leg on and he breaks… Gotta get my stamina back.  Anyways, to brag even more, the little babies across the street decided to play with the dead palm fronds, which Ollie normally would have to stare at, and being the big boy that he is, he didn’t even look.  We did some trot poles, and he was good, so I decided to be bold for a change and took him over a couple of itty bitty jumps (the cavalettis, and some little verticals, which are basically more cavalettis).  He was such a pro.  He’d definitely win the crossrails olympics.  I am just so happy that I made such a good choice, and if I do say so myself, I think I did a pretty good job at seeing the whole picture, and looking past his little quirks to his true potential.  This horse may just be my heart horse…


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