Oops it didn’t send..

For some reason this post didn’t go through… So I guess I’ll just rewrite it.  I had so many errands to run yesterday that instead of getting out to the barn at 9, which is my normal routine, I got there close to 11.  The neighbor was there to drop the lunch hay, so I let Ollie have some so he wouldn’t feel left out, spoiled little guy, and then I tacked up and got on.  Today he tried to test me at the gate, which I think is kind of funny, as his version of testing is basically not moving.  We worked through that quickly, sticks always come in handy, and we had a great ride.  I started to work in some figure eights and serpentines, and he was really good, he learns so quickly.  And our canter work was so much better.  I had the plan of get him into the canter and leave him alone for a few strides to let him balance himself, and it worked better then I thought.  I also tried doing some shortening exercises at the canter, and at the beginning I’m pretty sure he thought I was speaking another language, but he understood within a few tries and was starting to shorten a tiny bit.  We have lots of time to iron out everything, so I’m happy with his efforts yesterday. 
Yesterday I was starting to wonder though about when we should do the pre-purchase.  See, I don’t actually own Ollie yet.  We made a deal with the owner that we would lease him for a year, free lease, to figure out if I really liked him.  We are under no obligation to buy him, and she cant sell him from underneath us.  So it didn’t make sense to do one when he got to the farm, just because I didn’t know if I really liked him yet.  But this week has really solidified my decision.  Now I’m just contemplating, should I just wait to do it at the end of our determined lease, or should I do it now?  Decisions, decisions, but good ones to have to make 🙂


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