Decisions Decisions…

The weather these past view days has been abysmal.  I feel like the weather always takes a turn with my schedule of exams, seeing as whenever I have to study the weather gets gloomy.  Well at least thats what I like to think.  Anyways, because I had an exam, I only was able to go out on tuesday :-(.  And as you could see from my last post, I wasn’t too happy about it.  But since I know he’s being cared for and ridden, I don’t feel TOO guilty.

It was drizzling on and off this morning, but luckily for me it stopped in time for me to ride.  He was so gross when I took him out of the stall, he must’ve been rolling all night.  Something different was today was the first day that I rode Ollie when my trainer was there… strange I know, but whenever she’s here and I come out, she’s normally doing a training ride on him, and I really haven’t had a lesson yet.  Any who… He was a good boy today, as per usual.  Just lazy, and since I dropped my crop out in the ring like a week ago, and kept forgetting to get it, I didn’t get to ride with it today.  More work for my legs…

So after I rode, I had an apt to have a tour at another barn in Gainesville, since I’m not to sure if I want to bring him to the one I talked about before, Blue Sky.  They changed a few things since I was last there, including having pelleted shavings, not real shavings anymore, and there are so many different people who feed, since boarders work off their board by feeding, that I’m nervous his food wouldn’t be consistent.  They also have this weird practice, which I’ve noticed so does almost every other barn in Gainesville, that in the winter they turn horses out during the day instead of night. So I’ve been looking into other options in the area, which let me tell ya, for being so close to Ocala, Gainesville boarding barns are few and far between.  And many are horrible, and have bad reputations… So I looked at one today called Hawkfields, which is more expensive then Blue Sky, but is known for its high quality care in the area.  Beautiful place, well kept, and of course, full.  The manager put me on the waiting list, but that still leaves me with the question of where I can bring him to get him closer to me… AGH why can’t things be easier?? Why aren’t there a lot of boarding barns with good care and good reputations?  Even the one nice barn that I worked at for about a month, Sundaram, do things I don’t like that I know they absolutely will not change.  Like feeding Coastal, and they also have the weird turnout schedule.  I wish my trainer could just pick up her farm and put it in Gainesville so I can board there…


One thought on “Decisions Decisions…

  1. I can commiserate. At the moment I drive 40mins from my house, and an hour and a half to two hours to get to the barn from my work. I'm only there because of my trainer and I don't particularly care for the way the barn is run by the BO. Oh well..


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