Ahhh Sunday… Had a relaxing morning today, just went out and grazed the boy, which I have to say, our little grazing sessions might be few and far between since he seems to turn into a bit of a brute.  

I decided that I couldn’t allow his mane to be as long as it was for another minute, so I started to pull his mane.  He was such a good boy, not really minding that his hair was being pulled out.  I decided about 1/3 of the way through that he was being so good that he could go back into his stall and I would finish later…  He probably looks pretty goofy, with a small part of short nicely pulled mane, and about 2/3rd of wild, unruly hair.  Tuesday I’ll turn him into prim and proper looking show horse. 🙂
One thing that I won’t be able to fix soon is my boys sheath.  I seriously think he hasn’t had his done in about, well… ever, and it looks pretty horrible.  It almost looks like a burn, its so shrively.  And of course, he won’t let me clean it!  He must sense my need to clean his sheath and quickly sucks it up.  Gotta say though, he isn’t aggressive about it at all, but he just knows I can’t do anything if he hides it… AND the vet was just here for shots, so getting him to give him a sedative would include a farm call charge, which I don’t want to pay. 

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