Well he IS a baby

Today Ollie showed his greenie colors… He was distracted the whole time, wasn’t listening, and couldn’t for he life of him go straight.  He was bulging to the left, and after me trying to work on it, he just got more and more worked up.  So I threw in the towel, no point in making him all upset, and trotted around once nice and easy, and called it a day.

Now while many might have been pissed that their dearest beast decided to act up, I almost was glad.  Almost.  You see, he has been so good, I was starting to wonder if, when he did act up, I could handle it. And today just showed that, yes Shelley, your a better rider then you thought.  🙂 I can handle his little tantrums and wiggles, and spooks and jigs.  And for me, thats a battle all in itself.  So today wasn’t so great. BIG DEAL! He is a baby, I can’t expect him to be perfect.  If he was, I’d probably think something was wrong with him….


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