Saddle shopping anyone???

I have finally made a decision on the boarding situation.  I’ve decided to move to Blue Sky, the one I wanted to go to in the beginning, in December.  I found out that Blue Sky DOESN’T have the weird turnout switch-a-roo schedule, which made me happy.  And plus the fact that Hawkfields doesn’t have any stalls available kind of gave me the push I needed.  So thats kind of exciting.  I’m sure it’ll be scream worthy for Ollie, since he’ll be calling the whole day when he gets there.  

I rode him today in the big field just to get him out of the ring for a change, and it was nice.  We did lots of trot work, changing direction, serpentines, circles, and it really got him focused on me, and on what we were doing.  His canter was a little all over the place, a little fast here, a little slow here, a little what the heck is he doing with his head here… Just all over the place.  But he was good, and he stayed pretty much on task.  
Now here comes the great news… NOT.  I need to start really looking, not window shopping, at new saddles.  My saddle is too wide, both for Ollie and me.  In Ollies case, the flaps come totally off his sides, not even making contact with him.  And for me, the pommel is wide, if that makes any sense.  I knew this was coming but I really didn’t want to have to buy a new one just because I’m sure Ollie isn’t done growing, and I really don’t want to have to buy a new saddle every few months… Agh what to do, what to do. And today when I was cleaning my bridle, I noticed that the stitching is coming apart in some places… Why does everything happen all at once???  And to top it all off, I was cleaning my boots today and noticed some cracking starting on the inside calf area, which in my normal case of wear turns into holes…. GREAT….

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