Verhan anyone?

It was great to watch his training ride today, as I haven’t been able to make it out for the past week to watch her school him.  He was a good boy doing his little course.  He’s graduated to the big boy jumps now :-).  While riding him, Dana was telling me certain things about schooling him, how now is the time to get tougher on him, and expect him to not pull me, to stop when asked, ect.d.  I am such a push over, so I’ll have to work on that for sure.

I finally finished his mane! Only took me a week…. It looks lovely, and he looks like a nice little show pony! Now I wish it wasn’t such weird weather so I could wash it, since he seems to have A LOT of dandruff.

All finished!! 
Doesn’t he look thrilled?

I’ve also been thinking about the saddle I will have to get soon.  I’ve been thinking about brands and things like that, knowing that I don’t want an Antares, or a Devoucoux,  as I’ve heard horrible things about their customer service, and I didn’t really like riding in the Antares.  I’ve been looking mostly at County and Verhan, especially because they are wool, so if his muscling throughout his back changes, or when, I can just get the fitter to refit it to him. I found this lovely saddle for sale on ebay!!  I like how the company is based out of Morriston, which isn’t too far away.  And I’ve heard nothing but good reviews from them.  The only thing is I’d have to ask about the leather, because the flaps look funny to me with the different colors.  Im guessing its like that because its new and hasn’t been oiled, but I’d still want to ask.

2 thoughts on “Verhan anyone?

  1. Have you looked at the Amerigo monoflap saddles? They are lovely, also Childerics are the most comfortable saddles around and tend to fit a variety of horses.

    I loved the antares monoflaps, but not the jumping versions. Im going through saddles woes right now too, but with my dressage saddle. Never ends does it!


  2. I have thought of the Childeric, but I've heard some not so good stores about the fit. I've never really looked into the Amerigo saddles, I was very interested in the Verhans because of the ease of changing the fit in one saddle… I'll take a look 🙂


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