Today I rode in the girls Verhan from the barn.  Let me start by saying I LOVED it! I’ll need someone to see me in one to see if it changes my position at all, but man it was comfy.  And the buffalo leather stuck me in like I was glued.  Love that!

Ollie was ok today, much of the same.  He was a bit distracted, and I can’t wait for my lesson on Thursday to get some pointers on how to get his attention solely on me, since lots of transitions and direction changes don’t seem to be doing the job.  Also I’m excited to get some pointers on his canter, that has still been a struggle for me to figure out.  He’s just all over the place, although today I did FINALLY get my point across that no, bulging towards the barn isn’t allowed, which has been his little go-to trick lately.  So yay for me on that :-).  And I’m excited to jump! I don’t know if it’ll be a flat lesson or both, I’d be equally content if it was a flat lesson, but I watch my trainer take him through a little course and I get the itch to do it too.  Thursday can’t come fast enough!

Also another thing that was bothering me lately was the fact that now that I’m moving him out of the training barn, I would lose the option of bringing him on field trips.  I started to realize how lucky people are that have their own rigs, to have the freedom to just hitch up the trailer and leave without having to schedule anyone or rely on friends.  I even thought about, what if I had an emergency, and had to bring him to the vet.  I would have no way of bringing him there.  Kind of scary when you think about it, but I’ve always been at show barns, like I said before, so I always had a trainer do any emergency shipping, or shipping to a show.  I hate having to be dependent on other people for things like this.  Like when I was getting Ollie shipped up to me, my friend and roommate was supposed to do it.  We had everything ready, or so I thought, until a few days before he called to tell me something happened and he couldn’t do it.  Leaving me high and dry… I hate that feeling!!!  Oh well I guess he won’t be doing any field trips anymore.  When I start showing him, its going to be a wild ride!


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