And my first lesson was…

Awesome!  I was so excited to finally have one, and I was glad I did.  We went over a lot of the things I’ve been having trouble with, like steering, pace control, and just trying to get his attention on me instead of what else is happening.  She suggested a lot of things, like practicing his bending, and she explained how once he finally gives into me, he stays relatively soft, which is awesome.  And we had a little jump school too! Yay! First time for me to really jump him.  I mean yea, the jumps were tiny, but hey, every little bit counts right?  He was great, staying very soft after the jumps and coming back to me relatively quickly.  Of course not as quick for the trainer but hey, if I was that good I wouldn’t need a trainer.  And then on our final little course, the lady next door was coming by with her golf cart, she leads one of her horses on the golf cart to I guess give him a bit of a work out, and by then Ollie’s little brain was fried.  We finished on a good little trot course, and called it a day.  Even though things weren’t perfect, I am still really happy with our progress.  Can’t wait for my next lesson and to ride again!

Tired boy 🙂


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