Whoa there big fella

Whoops sorry I forgot to update the blog yesterday.  I rode on Saturday, and to be honest, he was just hard to deal with.  After my lesson, I had a lot of stuff to work on, mostly getting his attention on me and keeping him shaped and moving forward.  Well, I succeeded in getting his attention solely on me at the trot, but at the canter, he must have been upset that yes, I actually made him pay attention (the horror), and practically ran through my hands.  There was no whoaing, no half halting, or basically stopping.  Ugh, hopefully hell be better Tuesday.  We had been talking about possibly changing his bit, from a rubber dee snaffle to just a plain dee snaffle, not because of Saturday, but because he’s been getting rubs from the large rubber (his mouth is very tiny, I bet the bit feels like a lot in his mouth).  So if Saturday is going to turn into a regular thing, which I hope to go it won’t, and that was his day of rebellion, then maybe that’ll make a little difference.

Anyways, aside from that, my parents came up this weekend to visit, and they raised a couple questions about when he should be moved.  Even though I already have the plan set for November 30th as the move date, we started talking that maybe we should move him December 31st instead, so I can feel okay about going home for the two weeks of fall break, knowing he’ll be ridden while I’m away.  And it can give him a little 2 week bootcamp before he’s moved.  I’ll have to talk to my trainer tomorrow, and make the decision quick.

On a good note, when my mom came today she was very happy to see that he looked loads better then when we first saw him at the sellers farm.  She remarked that he looked bigger, which makes me happy!  And he’s filled out nicely 🙂 Maybe I should get him fatter so he won’t want to run around anymore…


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