A little catching up.

I have been slacking I know.  I had a visit from my family this past weekend, so I’m kind of out of whack, and getting back into my groove.

Monday, Ollie was good.  Dana, my trainer, rode him and did mostly flat work.  He was a good boy, and seemed very focused and listening.  Can’t wait till I ride him and he’s like that!

Tuesday, I woke up and felt horrible.  Got to the barn, and felt like I was going to vomit, so I slowly groomed, tacked up, and got on.  Of course when I got on, I felt a lot better, and Ollie was awesome.  Maybe I should ride him sick more often.  I didn’t do to much as I was feeling very weak, so I got off, and groomed him and left.  I went home, took my temp, and lo and behold, I had a 101.2 fever.  So I took the day off from school.  Looking back, if I felt as bad as I did, I kept going into the bathroom to make sure I threw up in the toilet, not in the aisle way, I should have not ridden and not gone to the barn at all.  But I always feel that being out at the barn makes me feel better, maybe its the fresh air.

Today, he had another training ride, and he was very unfocused.  He was good, but all over the place.  I’m kind of glad though that I got to see him doing it with the trainer a bit, until she made him pay attention of course, just to show myself that its not me, and he’s just a baby.  Good to know, good to give my self confidence a little boost.  For anyone wondering, I felt a lot better today.  No fever, only slightly congested.  Must’ve been a weird virus.

Another little update is that we decided that Ollie isn’t going to be moved until the end of December, as opposed to the original plan which was moving him on November 30th.  My mom shared that she really wants me home for most of the break, and she knows I’ll feel obligated to stay if I know Ollie’s not getting worked regularly.  So next month will be half half training, and half full training, for the two weeks I’m not there… Some boot camp before he gets moved can’t be bad right?


One thought on “A little catching up.

  1. I've found I always ride better when I'm sick!

    I think that moving him at the end of December is good. That way you know he's getting worked and you'll have a more focused horse when you get back.


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