Rainy Days

Unfortunately, my lesson was rained out today.  But since I already woke up super duper early, why not due something productive? Like say… a list of things, like a christmas list but not, that I want/need for Ollie.  Or me 😉 Ok here goes nothing….

1.  Saddle – As I’ve said before, the fact that my saddle is actually hurting me is probably a bad sign.  I don’t even want to think about what its doing to poor Ollies back.  So this is going in the need pile.

2. Bridle – I noticed a couple of weeks ago, as I’ve said before, that my bridle stitching is coming undone in certain places.  I’m thinking of bringing it to my local tack store to see if the cobbler can reinforce some of the stitching, but if not, I saw that Smartpak came out with a new bridle in their cheapest line that would look great for schooling.  And with Thanksgiving coming up maybe they’ll do a sale on everything :-). One can only hope…


Since this isn’t a necessity, and my bridle is still functional, this is going in the want category.

3. Breeches and breeches and breeches and breeches! I feel like I constantly need breeches!! I have 5 now that I use daily, with two that I rarely use due to them being my show pants, and two out of three out those pants have holes in them…. WHYYYY!!!  And of course, breeches are SO expensive nowadays, with the ones that fit me the best being the most expensive (TS).  But I did find these breeches last year that fit me nicely, so maybe I should get another pair of them.

Heritage Breeches by Ariat

Too bad they only come in two colors, tan and this weird purplish color. I guess this should go into the want category, since I can still ride in the holey pants…

4. At some point I really want to get Ollie this…

I love the idea of having so many layering options, and these blankets look so sharp!  Considering the first blanket I ever bought my first horse Huck was 250, I’d say this set is an awesome deal.  Plus, knowing Smartpak and the way they run things, if I ever had a problem with their product, they would stand behind it 100%.  And in blankets, where one night you can turn out your pony fully dressed and come back with a rag like thing wrapped over his body, the fact that they’ll stand behind their blankets is important to me.  This of course is going in the want pile, since he does have two blankets right now, one cheapy deapy one which I just bought him, and another from his original owner.

5.  And last but certainly not least!!!! A truck and trailer.  After setting up everything to move Ollie to the new boarding facility, I started thinking about everything that could go wrong.  What if he needed to be rushed to the vet one day when I went out, and no one was there?  What if I wanted to bring him on a field trip and no one could take me?  What if I wanted to bring him home with me for summer break, or winter break?  So I started thinking about trailers and the costs associated with them.  I asked many different people on the subject, and almost everyone I asked said buying a trailer was the best horse purchase they made, second only to buying their horse of course.  (The only person who said they wouldn’t buy a trailer was a friend who is a very nervous driver, even when its just her tiny little Camry, so she said she wouldn’t feel comfortable driving the rig, which is understandable for her.)  Everyone else said, that the peace of mind that comes along with it, knowing that you don’t have to rely on others for emergencies, is worth it all.  When I asked my trainer, she even told me that purchasing a trailer will undoubtable pay for itself with the money you won’t have to pay commercial shippers. So when I’m bored I look up trailers and trucks for sale… Too bad my mother thinks “trailers are only for rednecks.”  Can you tell I’m not from a horsey family??


One thought on “Rainy Days

  1. Let me say a couple years ago I was in dire need of breeches, since I still wear the same pair from when I was 14 I did this whole rotation of all my show breeches being only worthy of schooling and having nothing that was worthy of the show ring.

    eBay is my best friend. I've purchased so many pair of the Supreme and Professional Tailored Sportsman from other people for cheap (never spending more than $40 a pair) most have wear, but if you have a Great Dry Cleaner, you can get a pair of stained $10 Supremes to look brand new again.


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