November 21st

Because of Thanksgiving break, I had to switch up the riding routine, and instead of the trainer riding Mondays, and we switch off after, I’m riding Monday, Tuesday, and having my lesson of Wednesday.  Ollie as a good boy today, was very focused and on point.  I am getting much better at focusing his attention on me, and making him listen, whether he wants to or not.  I was actually very proud of him today, because towards the end of the ride, my trainer got on her jumper and was riding her in a nearby field.  Now Ollie has been ridden with other horses in the ring, but its been a long time, so I guess that explains his fascination with other horses being ridden right now.  Something to work on.  But the reason why I was proud of him was because I was able to refocus his attention, not an easy feat let me tell ya, back to me, so we ended on a nice relaxed, forward trot.  It was great, and it gave me confidence that I can refocus his attention when needed.

Such a good boy!


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