Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Just a recap of my week, because the rest of the week I’ll be on hiatus with the fam.

Tuesday he was just ok.  my trainer rode a sales horse in the same ring as us, and as I said in a previous post, he hasn’t been ridden with anyone else in a while, and thats needs to change.  At one point, we were both cantering our horses in opposite directions, and as we passed one another, Ollie had a little temper tantrum.  Not cool Ollie.  To be honest though, he hasn’t really ever had a tantrum.  So while I’m annoyed that he felt he had to leap in the air in protest that his buddy was going the opposite direction, I was able to get him past it, and refocus his attention back to me.  After that he was okay.  We’d been working on our simple changes, and just getting him to listen to me better.  And he’s been getting better and better.

Until my lesson.  Oh boy.  So I had my lesson on Wednesday, and um well, he didn’t listen the whole time, and was dragging me around for most of the ride.  It took all of my energy to just get him to listen to me for a few strides, and then he’d be looking at something in the distance again, paying attention to something else.  And while I’m not giving him any excuses, it probably had to do with the fact that I was a bit nervous for my lesson.  After riding with my last trainer, who did nothing to boost my confidence towards the end of my being there, lessons became somewhat of a scary thing for me, consisting of being yelled at and my trainer having disappointed looks.  So I guess for some reason that translated to my lesson with my new trainer, who isn’t like that at all.  But I did get much more relaxed through the rest of the ride, and a bit more gutsy, which is great for me!! But back to Ollie, it was just not his day.  He hadn’t been jumped since my last lesson, which was friday, so jumping was ugly.  He wasn’t too bad, but not his usual “wait and see what I say after the jump” self.  Lets just say when I get back I have A LOT to work on…

Oh well.  Can’t dwell on the bad rides.  After all, if I rode perfectly, and he was perfect, I wouldn’t need a trainer right??

So happy turkey day everyone!!!

OH! I forgot!!! I had talked about how my bridles stitching was coming out a bit, right?  Well I contacted SmartPak, and asked if there were known problems with the stitching, or if it was because it was a first generation bridle and the kinks weren’t worked out yet, as I wanted to buy another one.  And I got an email back, saying they would like for me to EXCHANGE the bridle with problems for a BRAND NEW bridle, free of charge!!! I love love love love love SmartPak!!! I wish I could work for them, I love them so much.  Did you know I loved SmartPak??


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  1. I love your blog! And I will continue to be a regular reader 🙂 Ollie seems like a character! I am about to embark on the “green train” myself and I have enjoyed reading your trials and tribulations! (hequestrian)


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