Bad pony…

So today was awful, to be quite honest.  I got to the barn, and the new snowbird horses had just come in the night before.  This all made for a lot more commotion in the barn that I’m sure Ollie is just not used to. I got on and he felt very fresh.  I had to ride him in the paddock today because a horse was turned out in the ring, so I headed out there.  I started working him, getting him to focus on me, and everything was going well.  He was listening to my voice, my seat, and was generally coming back to me nicely.

Enter garbage truck.

Now let me start off by saying that Ollie has seen a truck before.  And a car.  And even a couple tractors.  But I guess all those other wheeled vehicles did nothing to prepare him for the garbage truck.  It rolled by and Ollie was UP AND ALERT.  He did not like that big green giant at all.  But I was able to get him focused on me and we continued with our ride.  Everything was going well until the garbage truck came back again to leave the community.  The driver must have noticed that Ollie was frightened of his truck, because he creeped by us the second time.  Everything was fine until the truck backfired, whistled, whatever it is that garbage trucks do.  Ollie was off like a rocket.  I tried to regain whatever balance I had left, but he started to freak out more and more.  I realized there was no way I could swing myself back onto him, so I bailed.  Looking back that was probably the WORST thing I could have done.  Wouldn’t want Ollie thinking that kind of behavior was allowed.  But every things more clear in hindsight of course, so I started the walked the long way back to the barn, since Ollie had made a beeline for it as soon as I came off.  The nice people of whom I had just met, embarrassing I know, had caught him for me and gave him back when I got back.  I hopped on and rode for another half hour. And you bet I MADE him listen to me.  No more nice momma.  I had his nose to his chest for pretty much the whole ride, and let me tell ya he was not happy about it.  But I had tried the nice route, and I obviously got nothing but a face full of grass for it.  He ended up being frazzled for the rest of the ride, and I just tried to end on somewhat of a good note.

Ugh, now my body and my ego are bruised.  Nothing like a greenie to tear down your wall of confidence.  Ah well, they don’t call them green for nothing.

On a happy note, guess what came today!!! Yep my new bridle!! YAY!! Ive been playing with it since I got it! Have to say its a different feel of leather of my older one.  But maybe thats a good thing, and it’ll last a bit longer.

Ok thats all I have for now.  Hopefully a good soak in a bubble bath will make me feel better.


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