AWESOME ponehh

Well, the post leading to this one just goes to show how much of a roller coaster life with a greenie can be.  Lows of lows one day, and highs of highs the next.

So, as you can probably tell, Ollie was SUCH a good boy today!  And to be honest, I didn’t think he was going to be.  You see, one of my trainers friends comes to our barn for circuit, so we’ve had a lot more action going on.  When I got there, their trainer was clipping a horse on the cross ties I always use, so I had to use the other ones, which were in the aisle in the middle of the new horses.  Ollie was so thrown off kilter by the fact that we weren’t on our usual cross ties, and that a weird horse was trying to sniff his butt.  He kept nervously chewing on the cross ties.  (Of course, it could be just MY nerves, and I was just making a mountain out of a mole hill.  But whatever.)  I thought I was going to have an unfocused pony, when in reality, he was so focused and attentive to me.  And yea, there was one moment where he started to get off point, but I quickly brought his attention back to me, which felt awesome.  It was so nice to see such progress, and it gives me a small glimpse as to life in a year from now when he’s not so green as grass.  I can’t wait to see him mature!!! And if he keeps progressing at the rate he is, it might not be so far away…

So after I rode, I had to go to the tack store to get those little rubber rings you put on the blanket surcingles, as one of Ollies straps seems to ALWAYS come undone.  So I go to the closest one to the barn, and they don’t have anymore.  Boo.  I drove the the other tack store in the area, and little did I know that they were having a blowout sale/yard sale.  Oh my gosh, it was hectic.  I hate shopping anyways, and while I do like shopping at tack stores, I don’t like it when there are so many people, pushing, and fretting around, trying to get a deal.  But even though I only went there for the little rubber things, I decided I should probably get his Chanukah present, a new leather halter, while they were having a sale.  For anyone who does’t know, the Tack Shack of Ocala makes a nice halter.  And its cheap too!  I didn’t get his nameplate yet, since I can’t seem to figure out a show name STILL.  I also got him some Stud Muffins.  Id forgotten how amazing those treats are!  So I checked out, and had to wait in the back for them to put a cheek clip on the halter (they do everything right in the store).  Id noticed that the total on the receipt was higher then I expected, so I looked over the receipt again, and I noticed a 53 dollar charge.  I couldn’t figure out what it was for, until I realized the little, tiny, cheap, rubber things for my blanket were rung up wrong.  Instead of a dollar something, they were 50 something! But of course they credited my account and thanked me for finding the problem, as all the little rubber things stickers were wrong.  Phew! I mean I know things can add up when your shopping in tack stores, but whoa.  My total went from over $100 to $46 and change.

Good thing I saved cause I still have things on my list that I’d like to get at some point.  And since I saved by not having to get a new bridle, I’ve added a few things to my list 😉 Can never have enough stuff, right?

And I still need pictures!! Sorry, Im such a slacker…


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