Busy Busy!

So the past few days, I haven’t been able to get to the barn due to exams.  Ugh college…  But today I was able to come out for the first time since Saturday, so I was excited.  He was so good on Saturday that I was hoping for a sort of continuation of the ride before, like one continuously good ride.  But alas, he didn’t have the same thing in mind.  Granted, when I got there there were about three other horses being ridden, which he is really not used to.  He hasn’t even really been ridden with one other horse in the ring.  So he was distracted to say the least.  I did get him to kind of focus on me at the trot, but then everyone left, and the cycle of distraction started all over again.  His canter was fine, until he started swapping his lead.  He kept doing it on the corner turning away from home, so I knew it was just him being sulky and wanting to go back to his new friends.  I decided to end on a good note and trotted over a couple of jumps.  He was good, so I gave him a pat and cooled him out.  Better to end on a good note that might not be as challenging then getting all riled up and ending all upset.

But one thing did happen while I was ridding that unnerved me.  My saddle was squeaking.  Now, it wasn’t a squeak like “oil me!” but more so a squeak like my saddle tree was compromised.  Now if thats what the problem is, I need to make this saddle hunt (not really a hunt, I already know what I want I think) my top priority.  But of course when I got off, when I was cleaning my boots, I noticed a high hole in the leather on the inside of my calf.  Well, they do say when it rains, it pours… Just why now!??!  Its a good thing I got a job :-).

Now a little update on the barn move.  So as you all know, I want to move him the end of December.  But of course, I received an email from the Blue Sky farm that their rates have increased from 550 to 600. Now taking the certain things about the barn that I really didn’t like, that doesn’t fly with me.  If Im paying 600, I expect a nicely bedded stall, with pine shaving, or just shavings for that matter, and one person feeding the horses always.  So I’m looking around, AGAIN, to make sure thats what I want.  Im looking at a place that is really a dressage barn, but if they have jumps might be a good option, as they have great care.  Their board is 475, and Im taking a tour on Saturday, so Ill have to share my experience then.  The other place I’m looking at is actually the place my roommate boards his mare at.  It is really a rehab barn, but he ensures me that they do take on boarders, and that the care is excellent.  But Ill have to see, since he boarded for a long time at a barn that I couldn’t believe still had clients with the way it was run.  They have yet to call me back, but when I see it, Ill be sure to share.  Thats all for now.  Im going to try to see if my friend is willing to come to the barn with me tomorrow to take some pictures of me riding so I can have at least a couple pictures of me actually ON my horse.  Well see…


2 thoughts on “Busy Busy!

  1. Barn shopping is no fun! Best of luck, I am sure that you will find the best place for you and your boy 🙂

    I am not in love with my barn BUT my trainer is there and I can't live without her haha!


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