Getting better and better

Today I got out to the barn and again, there was a lot of commotion going on.  As I was taking my stuff out to get ready, a pony left, and a horse was shipped in, all in less then 10 min.  Now my boy, who as I’ve said before is such a newb at life, so all that stuff in such a short amount of time was WAY TO MUCH!  He couldn’t decide whether to call for the pony leaving, or for the horse who had just arrived.  So I finished getting my things out and he settled down in his stall.

I gave him a good grooming, and started tacking up.  At that time, everyone who was riding had left, with only their groom still at the barn, so it seemed like it was going to be a quiet ride.  Or so I thought.  They came back and hoped on their horses, so Ollie had to again get used to being ridden with the other horses.  But I have to say, he was SOO much better today then yesterday.  Yea he was still a bit strong, but he would always come back to me.  And his canter was much more focused on me today, as opposed to yesterday.  I even fit in a couple of simple lead changes, and threw a little jump in there to keep him focused on me.  At the end of our ride, I decided to park him in the middle of the other horses that were being ridden at the other side of the ring, since he’s going to have to get used to other horses being ridden near him.  He jigged and snorted a bit, but he quickly settled down and felt content with just staring.  Such a good boy!

One thing I CANT STAND are bad manners.  And I am soooo glad Ollie GENERALLY, he does have  his moments, has awesome ground manners.  I gave him a bath, dried him off, trimmed him up, did his ears, his legs, and his face, and he just falls asleep on the cross ties.  Baths are not his favorite thing, but today he stood nice and quiet.  Can you tell I’m a proud momma?? 🙂


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