December 10th

Today was a really productive day.  I went to see a boarding facility in Micanopy, Everglades Equestrian Center.  It was an old dressage show facility, from what the owner was telling me, and has lots of rolling hills and paddocks.  Unfortunately, it was obviously very dressage geared, with only a few white jumps that don’t stay in the ring.  The place was nicely kept up, just very, very, very old.  The stalls weren’t bedded enough for me, but the place was very clean.  And the owner was very nice, but I just don’t think thats the place for me.  Plus, its not much closer to me then where he is now, so it really wouldn’t make sense for me to go there.  Too bad… It was so cheap!! Only 475!!  Ah well, the search goes on.  Still waiting on a call back from my roommates barn owner…

Todays ride was ok.  He was good, a bit distracted since there was again another horse in the ring, but focused on me for the most part.  Until a whistle, like from a baseball field, kept going off.  Every time it would go off, he’d get very very nervous.  So I guess today was more of a nervous nelly day, not so much distracted.   I think today was the last day I would really be able to ride him though until I come back.  I don’t know if Ill be able to come out on tuesday, maybe I will to give myself a break from studying, but if not, that was the last time in two weeks.  And then he’s in boot camp with my trainer.  Ill be excited to see him when I get back, I know for sure :-).
I also called the saddle seller about the Verhan Futurity that is for sale on Ebay.  I think I explained before, how the saddle is actually in Ocala, so Ill be able to see it in person before I make a decision.  Well, Im going to see it tomorrow, if the lady ever emails me directions.  After I see it, Im going to email Bernardo to talk to him about fitting Ollie.  That is if I like the saddle of course. I also wanted to see if he could put a small thigh block on the flap, just a teeny weeny one.  I wonder how much that would be…

6 thoughts on “December 10th

  1. I saw from a post on Tucker the Wunderkind that you live in Gainesville…. I am from Gainesville! Small world! i can't really think of any boarding facilities to recommend… sorry! I could ask a few friends if you would like?


  2. If its affordable! Im really looking for a quality boarding facility, with good solid stalls, nicely bedded stalls, and good care. And a jump ring, with actual jumps… Youd think I wouldn't need to clarify that but…


  3. Alright… this is what my friend who owns a small farm of her own in Alachua recommends:
    If she wants to take lessons and board I would recommend Turning Point Farm in Williston.(
    If she is just looking to board I would try Dreamstone Farm (!) or Twin Oaks (could not find webpage).
    My friend Ashley boards here and really likes it. She is a college student and jumper with two horses.!about-us

    I hope this helps! 🙂


  4. I actually just contacted the Twin Oaks stables place, at least if it the same one we are talking about. It sounds lovely, but I don't think she allows other trainers. I'm going to find out for sure, but of she doesn't then I can't do it. I am having a friend go look at it for me if he can, but she really sounds good, and cheap.


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