On the road again…

Schools out WOOO!! Just got finished with my final exam, and you know what that means… Im going home!!! The only downside is that I won’t get to see the sweet Ollie boy until January 1st, when we move him.  And unfortunately, since I had exams, I didn’t have time to go out to Ocala to see him at all this week, so Im going to stop by on my way down south to give him some Holiday cookies, and hugs of course.

So for the time being, I am moving him to Blue Sky.  Until I find a better solution, at least I know that he will be cared for.

Well I really don’t have to much to post on.  See you all in two weeks!!

Ill leave you with a couple photos that prove that I do actually ride my own horse 🙂


2 thoughts on “On the road again…

  1. I'm not quite at Winter Break, in about 9 hours I will be though!! 🙂

    In response to my steering complaint. When I ride a Greenie (baby ponies or when my horse was young) if I had trouble steering in a big group of people I would just practice halting or go in the middle for a little while. During lessons our trainer is really good at staggering what people do so collisions don't happen and her students have ALWAYS been really good about ring etiquette. I was also rather spoiled in that when my horse was really just starting I would ride at night most of the times and my trainer didn't care/mind because we were only doing flatwork and my trainer knows I have a decent head for not getting into trouble. Currently we have a whole bunch of new people, first time horse owners (and assorted other trainers sharing the facility) now though and I think we need to go over ring etiquette so people don't cause accidents.


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