Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!  Im back  🙂  How were everyones Holiday??

With the New Year brings change, and as you all know, I moved Ollie.  He was such a good boy, got right on the trailer, easy peasy.  And his Channukah present, his new halter, looked awesome on him.  After my trainer dropped off another horse, she came with Ollie, and rode him for me.  He was so good.  So quiet.  Now you have to remember that I haven’t seen my boy in about two weeks.  His bit was changed while I was away, from the rubber dee to the regular dee (which I had actually wanted to happen before I left, the rubber was way to big for his mouth) and Dana had been working him a bit in draw reins to fix his weird right lean/numbness.  He was just so good.  Im so excited to get on him tomorrow.

 But of course, nothing can go down without a hitch.  We got Ollie there and put him in his stall for a bit, to move my tack trunk into the tack room, and when I got back, I noticed he’d been eating the pelleted shavings. When Dana started working him he started coughing, which I’m attributing to him eating the pellets.  But after she finished, even though he was awesome, he just didn’t seem right to me.  He didn’t eat all his hay that was put in there (O and A the same that he was having at the trainers) he kept pawing, and he hadn’t pooped yet (we’d been there for about 2 hours, I would think he would have pooped).  I took his temp, it was normal, and waited a bit to just make sure he was ok.  He was still nibbling on the hay, he just can’t help himself, and he took treats from me earlier.  So I know he had something in his system.  And then…. he pooped, and acted like nothing had happened.  Sniffed the neighbors, called for the horse across the road, and fell asleep.  Horses…

Ollie sniffing my friends horse Moxey.  He wishes he could be friends with everyone, but she obviously isn’t on the same wavelength…

But this little scare opened my eyes a bit.  When I was riding at my barn down South, my trainer knew what to do about everything.  He had the first aid stuff, he’d also been through a few years of vet school before he decided to become a HJ trainer so he knew his stuff, and I always felt so safe with my horses in his care.  I mean I know how to give shots myself, I soaked up every bit of information whenever the vet came, but its different when every things on hand and ready for emergencies.  Now being a boarder at just a boarding facility, its so different.  I mean I have my own thermometer, but I don’t have any syringes or needles, or banamine.  So Ive now been looking at first aid kits that, while they don’t have drugs like banamine or bute, I can still feel somewhat at ease that I have something to take care of Ollie with.

On another note, I emailed the saddler several times, with no response.  So I don’t know whats going on with that.  I did over break meet the Antares guy (my friend at my old barn got an Antares for Christmas, lucky girl :-D) and he suggested contacting him when I was ready and wed look into used saddles that he could custom the back panels to Ollie.  Which sounds awesome but I was sold on the fact that the Verhans tree could also be changed, with his changing physique. Good thing I have no school this whole week, because it gives me lots of time to figure things out.

I hope everyone had an awesome Holiday! Have a happy and a healthy New Year everyone!!!



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. I'm glad you are getting a first aid kit and will be able to do something in case if an emergency. Hopefully a vet lives near by also. I always use the Internet if my mare acts weird to help decide what to do if a vet is not available.


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