Great second day

     Had a great second day at the new boarding facility.  Ollie was good as new and was back to his old adorable self.  Thank god.
     Today there was a sharp drop in temperature and windy.  So I decided today might be a good day to try ear plugs.  He doesn’t necessarily spook, but he does get distracted, and I’ve been wanting to try them for a while.  So I put them in on the cross ties to see what his response was before I got on him.  And he seemed to instantly calm down once I put them in.  He is a baby, and he loves to dance on the cross ties a bit, and look off into the distance at scary make believe objects.  But the ear plugs instantly had a calming effect on him.  Im glad, because it is the first time I rode him in two weeks, and since I’m not at Danas anymore, I can’t really just ask her to come up for any little thing anymore.  So I finished taking him up, and got on.  He was great.  A little up, but nothing abnormal for the windy conditions.  And his canter was sooo much better then when I last rode him.  Well thats what you get when you put your pony in training with a good trainer 🙂  I walked him all around the property, and he was cool as a cucumber.  Such a good boy!
      But of course, Ive only been here what not even a whole day, and Ive already noticed a few things that Id like changed.  So as not to seem like the PITA boarder, Im waiting a bit to bring it up.  The one main thing, is (and when I saw the barn the first time it was being done, so I don’t feel I’m being to outrageous) the ring needs to be dragged or leveled or whatever.  In just under a month, the footing has gone downhill.  Which is annoying because when I first saw the barn, the footing wasn’t bad at all.  Ugh, boarding places stink….


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