Brrr its cold!!

I love Florida for the sole reason that it rarely ever gets below 40.  Well someone needs to remind that to mother nature because its CHILLY!

Yesterday, it was a high of 41 with high winds so I decided that since Ollie didn’t get Sunday off like he normally does, Id give him the day off.

Today, he was FULL of energy.  I borrowed draw reins from another girl at the barn, since mine seem to be MIA.  He was actually great.  He was listening well to my seat, when I was using it correctly, and was just being great.  But he was coughing again.  He hasn’t ever coughed before Sunday, and I’m not gonna lie, it does worry me.  As you might be able to tell, Im a worrier.  Im gonna give it till Saturday to see if its just a little cold winter cough, or if its something more serious.  He hasn’t had fever so I know theres no emergency.

I sent the BM an email, since it seems I miss her every time I go out, about the footing in the round pen and the ring.  When I was riding today, I felt like Ollie tripped like 3 times.  And he’s not really that clumsy, so it gave me the push I needed to talk about it with the BM.  Hopefully I get a positive response. I think I will, since the BM seems like a knowledgeable person, whose daughter shows actively, so she must notice the footing issue as well.  


2 thoughts on “Brrr its cold!!

  1. 41?! I was PUMPED when it was in the 40's today here! It was only 16 degrees when I woke up on Tuesday and didn't get over maybe 27 degrees… I grew up in FL and I miss when I thought 40 was cold…

    Will keep ollie in my thoughts- hopefully his cough will clear up and the ring will be in better shape for you guys buy next week.

    I feel like you mentioned that they use different shavings and he tried to eat them? I know that we have a few horses that struggled when we switched shavings in our barn. So it may just be that the dustiness or something isn't agreeing with him… I think that one horse ended up with different bedding than others due to his problems and it helped him a lot. (the BM/ trainer owns him so it was easy for her to say he got to keep original bedding- obviously not an ideal solution though.)


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