January 5, 2012

I never get over how weird it feels to start dating things with the new year.

Got out to the barn, and it was nice a warmish (60’s).  Thank god, I really can’t stand the cold.  But Ollie was wearing his sheet when I got there, like I wanted.  I’ve learned he is slightly thin skinned.  Of course though right when I get there, the worker comes out to give them all their lunch hay.  And being the spoiled little guy that he is, I let him have twenty minutes with his hay.  Gave me more time to get everything ready.  Brought him out tacked him up and hopped on.  Right when I got on, I realized I forgot my crop, and boy did he let me know it.  He was a lazy boy in the beginning.  Lazy, and there was a horse off in the distance that kept calling that Ollie HAD to answer.  Once I got him focused, he was great.

Im learning more and more about him each ride, like he’s a seat kind of horse.  Turn your body in the general direction of where you want to go and follow through with your legs and he’s there, but try and direct him with rein and leg and half the time he’ll brace against the contact.  Not that he doesn’t take contact, which he does.  I just think he’s a naturally light mouthed horse who would rather little hands.  Fine by me!  Unfortunately he was SUPER sticky about his leads today.  He hasn’t been to bad about picking his correct leads up, but today was pretty bad.  Adding in the fact that his cough comes up when he canters and he brakes to the trot to get out that super cough.

Which brings me to the fact that I called the vet.  I know I was going to wait until Saturday, just because he doesn’t have a fever and is eating normally, but its I heard him start coughing in the stall after our ride, so I became even more worried.  The vet, who I called a new vet that was recommended by the other boarders, explained it might be shipping fever, which he’ll need antibiotics for, but I know we’ll get it all sorted out.  And funny story.  When the vet called me back she asked where in South Florida I was from, shed noticed my area code.  I said the Gardens area and she explained how she was also from Gardens area.  Small world right?  Well it gets even smaller.  I called my mom to tell her the specifics and my mom immediately starts thinking its the daughter of my old principal, who used to ride when she was younger, and who, when she was little, used to play tennis with my older brothers.  We’ll find out tomorrow if its really her but wow.  Guess I shouldn’t share how much I disliked her mother as my principal huh?


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