The Verdict is in…

…. Ollie has a case of shipping fever.  Which, from what the vet was telling me, is pretty much a case of pneumonia.  Awesome.  So he’s been put on antibiotics, and is only to be walked under saddle until Monday, then we can resume normal work.  So that means no training ride this week, since Danas is showing in Puerto Rico all of next week.  Dang it.  Oh well, as long as he starts to feel better.

And the vet is exactly who my mom thought she was.  Such a small world!

And I have good news for anyone who was wondering about my ring footing conundrum.  I sent the email to the BM and got a reply saying they will start dragging the ring more then once a week if need be.  Which in my opinion isn’t really going to help the ring.  I think it is so far gone that dragging is just going to push things around.  So I spoke to the worker today about it, and she agreed with me wholeheartedly about the fact that the footing needs to be redone and how its crazy that people haven’t been using it when we are paying for it.  From what she has seen as a worker at the barn, the owner is one of those that is very willing to pay the money for things to be done right, so thats good to hear that it’ll get done and not just swept under the rug.  My friend also said shed talk to the owner, and just share her views on the footing as well.  I don’t want to ruffle anyones feathers but it needs to be taken care of, so Im glad all the girls are coming together to get it sorted out, so it doesn’t seem like Im the one PITA boarder that I really didn’t want to be.  YAY!

Well thats all I’ve got for today.  Have a awesome friday!!!


4 thoughts on “The Verdict is in…

  1. Funny you should ask. I had narrowed my search to the Verhan saddles, since they are made very close to me, the customer service is supposedly amazing, and you can change the tree later on. But of course no one is responding to my emails. I have to put a call into them tomorrow.

    What saddles were you interested in?


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