January 9th, 2012

Saturday – Day one of just walking around.  Ollie was not the slightest bit amused that he had to get all tacked up just to walk around the property.  He seemed to be waiting for me to actually make him do something the whole time, but no.  We walked through the pastures, around to the ring, and all the way around to the opening on the barn.  I had totally forgotten about the next door neighbors dogs, and as we came up the perimeter, the dogs came barreling over, barking their heads off.  Ollie was obviously afraid, but just jigged a bit, nothing drastic.  We ended up walking back to the barn after that, after he calmed down a bit of course.  He only gave one BIG cough through the whole ride though, so it seemed he was feeling a bit better.

Sunday – Day two of just walking.  Decided to forgo the perimeter since I knew the neighbors dogs were out again, and just walked through the pastures and the ring.  Ollie was much more relaxed today, as I think he understood we were only walking and nothing much was really expected of him.  I listened to my iphone the whole time, and sang along so Ollie could hear, which Im sure he loved.  Unfortunately he coughed a couple of times during this ride.  Dang, and I thought the antibiotics were working their magic…

Monday (today) – Today was the day that the vet said he could be worked again.  So I geared up to actually work him.  We walk out to the ring and I start working him and he seems good, so I start trotting… COUGH COUGH. Ugh… The coughing begins.  I decide to just trot him around a bit, get some energy out, since he had A LOT of energy from only being walked the past few days, and then call it a day.  I know Im being really unrealistic to think that you know, give him meds, and he’ll be 100% the next day.  I just dont like knowing he doesn’t feel great…

So I called the vet, and gave her an update.  She decided we should try some banamine, to relax his airway muscles which might be adding to his discomfort.  It kind of reminds me of all the cold medication commercials that are always on, either they treat congestion or nasal inflammation.  Which is what Ollie needs.  As long as he feels better…

On another note, I called the saddle fitter, and they answered!! Finally… He was very nice, and answered all my questions.  So I now need to contact the seller again to get the saddle in to try it out, but I guess I should wait till Ollie feels better, since I really want to be able to feel it over fences.  And I want my trainer to see me in it, before I make any decisions. 


3 thoughts on “January 9th, 2012

  1. Hey- Sorry to double post but I wanted to ask you about your saddle search and about Verhans. I have found a few and know that you were looking at one (or a few). If you would rather email thats cool with me- shoot me an email (karley.hall@gmail.com).


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