January 12th, 2012

Hes such a cutie 🙂

I apologize everyone for my lack of postings lately.  I’ve just been getting back into the groove of things school wise, and even though I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I had a lot of things come up with Ollie.

Tuesday – I had wanted to try riding in between my morning and afternoon classes (my morning class ends at 10:25 and my afternoon class begins at 1:55).  So I tried it for the first time Tuesday, thinking that maybe Tuesdays, or Thursdays, would just be easy days and I’d do a short hack.  I get on the bus to go home, and I felt like the bus was CRAWLING.  Finally get to my car, I had already packed riding clothes, and headed out.  Got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, and whats normally a fifteen minute drive turned into a 45 minute wait.  Oh but wait, it gets even better.  I get out to the barn, get all my stuff out, still trying for time, and get my boy out.  He seemed a little slow getting out of his stall, but I thought that was probably because I woke him from napping.  I tack him up, and head out for a light hack.  I start walking him out to the ring, and he just doesn’t feel right.  Too slow a walk for him, to short strided.  I ask for a trot, and sure enough, he was off.  Thoughts of bowed tendons, and suspensory injuries flew threw my head, because I am a pessimist, and always expect the worst.  Can you tell I’m a worrier?  Call the vet out, and she calms me by diagnosing a simple stone bruise.  Thank god.  Epsom salt and betadine soaks were prescribed to ensure an abscess didn’t come up.  While she was there, she checked his respiratory sounds, and he sounded much better then before, which made me happy.  I just want him to feel better.  Because of the stone bruise, I’m taking it easy with him for the next few days.  I also decided this is the push I needed to start him with front shoes, which I was going to do anyways come the rainy season here, but this little scare gave me the incentive.  I’m also looking into biotin supplements, as suggested by the vet, to increase growth in his hooves.

Wednesday – Ollie was sound today, so as I said before I just gave him an easy day.  Just walk trot, in his paddock.  He still coughed a couple times, but its more so a dry cough now.  Glad to know hes starting to feel better.  Soaked his foot, and boy was he not happy about that.  He wasn’t walking all over the place, trying to get his hoof out, more like he was scared stiff at the fact that his hoof had to be submerged in a bucket.  Poor baby…  All the other girls were out with their horses, so it was nice to be social with the other girls.  Two of the girls actually had lessons too, so after I took care of Ollie, I walked down to the ring to watch.  So nice to be among people who truly understand the craziness that comes along with the horse obsession.  🙂

Thursday – Today! All caught up now.  So today I tried timing myself again.  And everything went smoothly!  Got out to the barn in the normal amount of time, got Ollie tacked up, sound again, and went out for another light ride.  Until his cough is 100% gone, I’m going to mostly concentrate on just walk trotting him.  It seemed, when his cough was bad, that the motion of the canter really sent him into the coughing fits.  Oh well, gives me time to really concentrate on speed regulation and keeping him focused on me.  He was great today.  Did some hill work, and really worked on his pace.  I’ve noticed with him, if he starts to get looky, once I just cluck he immediately goes back to work, such a good boy.  Only coughed once and it was such a halfhearted cough, like an afterthought.  Yay!!  He finally feels better!!  Finished with his ride, cooled him out with a friend, untacked and soaked his hoof again.  Again he was afraid of his foot being in the bucket.  But hes such a sweet baby that if I hug his face, he stands very still, and doesn’t fret with his legs.  The first horse I ever met that loves hugs!  Finished up with that, got him all groomed, and STILL got to class on time! I was so proud of myself!!

So once hes feeling 100% I’m going to try the saddle I’ve been stalking on ebay, and if I like the feel, get the fitter out.

I’m so happy that hes feeling better finally! It must have been all the support I get from you guys! 🙂


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