January 14th, 2012

Friday – Mother nature has decided to give us yet another cold front… UGH! Got out to the barn, and the temperature was slowly dropping to the low 50’s.  Ollie was sound again so I got him all tacked up, and headed out to ride.  He was a lazy beast, not wanting to go at all.

I’ve lately been having a little battle with him in the beginning of our rides.  I have been using one of the back paddocks (Ollie’s paddock) as my ring lately since the arena footing is so bad, and on our way out to the paddock, Ollie has been pretending to spook, and backing up away from the paddock.  I say pretending, because he does it only when under saddle, and not being led.  I always get him to go forward, but it just shows that we obviously have a lot of work to do. Babies… Anyways, got him moving, and he was going nicely, but lazy, until the coughing started.  I let him walk a bit, and a friend started riding her horse in a near by paddock.  Ollie has been so much better about being ridden with other horses, going from having to stop and stare, to just plodding along and occasionally taking a peek at them.  Yay!! But he started coughing again so I cooled him out and took him in.

The coughing is really starting to worry me that it hasn’t gone away yet… Soaked his foot again, and gave him lots of treats for being a good boy.  By the way, the BEST treats by far are stud muffins.  Expensive, but they are so yummy, sometimes Ill nibble on his.  If that doesn’t say how good they are I don’t know what will.

Saturday – It is so cold today.  I know, the 50’s to some is like spring time weather.  But I am not used to anything colder the then 70’s.  Im not built for this kind of weather!! Got out to the barn, and got Ollie tacked up.  We head out to the paddock, and I can feel he’s a little ouchie on his hoof.  Its to be expected when they get a stone bruise, but I was kind of hoping to do a bit more work today.  Oh well, rode him for a little, didn’t do too much, but I did ask for the canter both way, which he picked up immediately, such a good boy.  And the correct leads! Then I cooled him out, and walked around the property.  He was still coughing today :-(.

I had spoken to the vet about the fact that he was still coughing, and she said its very possible that he’s allergic to something in the environment, be it bedding, hay, or whatever.  She said that is can be helped with antihistamines, but I really don’t want to start with that if I don’t need to.  The stuff is illegal at rated shows, so Id have to stop it well before showing, and then he’d be miserable.  I want him to feel better, right now, naturally.  If need be Ill continue looking around at other boarding facilities that don’t use the pelleted stuff, if thats what he’s allergic to.  I also noticed the hay is very dusty, which I don’t like at all, so Im putting in a call to the BM tomorrow.  Not a happy day…

 In other news, I ordered Ollie a new hoof supplement for his hooves, so these bruisings don’t become an often occurrence.  At least Im in control of something concerning his health…


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