January 16th, 2012

Sunday – Since Ollie was ouchie on his hoof the day before, I decided to give him the day off.  Gave him a nice grooming day, and gave him lots of treats and kisses.  Grazed him on what little green grass we have left, and soaked his hoof.  I know not very exciting.  He did cough while I was hand walking him around unfortunately 😦 . I feel like hes coming apart and it scares me a little.  Also while I was picking his hooves out today, when I picked out his left front, his right front is the sore hoof, he had a moment of panic, and ripped it out of my hands.  Now, he doesnt do that normally, and I completely attribute it to his hoof, which means to me, its getting worse…

Monday – Called the vet earlier this morning and spoke with her about a lot.  I told her how I noticed his sore leg was a good 2 degrees cooler then the rest of his legs, and she assures me that its nothing to worry about.  Probably was just because he was standing in front of his stall door, and there was more airflow there or something.  I also spoke with her about his hooves, how he was sore on Saturday, and she said she would really consider putting the shoes on as quickly as possible.  I’m already soaking the hoof everyday, and the added protection of the shoe would help prevent any abscess from surfacing.   Then onto the coughing.  I told her how he was coughing even when not being exercised, and she attributes it now to allergies.  She explained to me how the shipping fever is probably what triggered the coughing in the first place, but the allergies have caused the cough to stay.  She prescribed another supplement to add to his growing repertoire, Antihist, that I picked up today.  I just hope this makes him more comfortable, as it seems my search for other boarding facilities keeps coming up dry, if I want to continue using my own trainer.  And I highly doubt theyd be willing to switch EVERYONE in the barn back to regular shavings, just because the new boarder, whose already spoken up about a few issues, has a horse with supposed allergies.  I just want him feeling better, not feeling sore, and back to normal!!

So today I rode him and again he was sore 😦 .  I just ended up walking around and watching the lesson that was going on, just to keep his mind working even a little bit.  He needs these shoes, pronto.  Im starting to think the bruise may have caused an abscess, even though I’ve taken all preventative measures.  He wasn’t this sore after it happened.  And Im kind of worried about putting shoes on him while hes sore, because if he pulls back from having his feet picked, hows he going to react to nails being driven in.  These would be his first shoes too.

I’m just so upset at everything right now.  I love this horse and hate seeing him uncomfortable. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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