January 25, 2012

This is going to be a loooong post, so bear with me.  I had waited to post this, as I wanted to fully disclose everything with his owner before putting it online. 

Had the vet out on Friday the 20th, just to check over Ollie.  At this point, he is still off, but his coughing has gone away.  The anihist stuff has really helped him, whether the cough was from his allergies or something else.  We trotted him to just see if there was any improvement, and weirdly enough, he is now off on the LF, not the RF which was what is was originally.  Vet does hoof testers, he doesn’t flinch.  She checks his legs for any swelling or heat, nothing, totally clean.  She explains that we should probably do some nerve blocks, to see whats actually hurting him.  But before those, she decides to through in some neuro tests, including the tail pull and the tight circles, and he fails the tail pull, but does well on the circle test.   Vet is starting to think this isn’t just a stone bruise anymore, and may be something neurological, because the strange lameness that switched from one leg to the other is obviously not normal, and the failed tail pull test is worrying.  She tells me to go ahead and get the shoes on him as we planned, and see how he does.  She suggests giving him 3 days or so before rechecking him, to give him recuperating time.  Maybe its just that he is so sore, hes allowing her to pull him around.  Called Dana, the trainer, asking if he had displayed any weirdness while I’d been gone, anything that would be out of the norm for him, and she assured me that hes been his normal self.  Let the worrying begin…

Saturday, farrier comes out and we had a long talk about how the angles in Ollies legs are totally out of whack.  Not good.  He explains that hes going to draw out any soreness in the hoof by packing it with magic cushion, and using a pad.  He assures me that if he continues to be off after the shoeing, its definitely not hoof related.  So he gets to work, and even though Ollie has never had shoes before, he was a good boy.  Never flinching, or acting silly at all, which is also troubling because no flinching means its definitely not hoof.  Ugh… this isn’t going well.  At this point I’m a jumble full or stress, and things don’t seem to be looking up for me. 

Sunday, I give him the day off, hopefully to let the shoes work any magic they might have…

Monday, I take him out just to check and see how he is.  I say to myself if hes any better, Ill call the vet and let her know.  Take him out, I even have a lucky penny I found in my pocket.  Hes still lame. 
Putting your faith in dirty pennies found in Publix parking lots don’t work, obviously.

Tuesday, I go out and trot him one more time (still off) before I call the vet again.  She suggests do the neuro test to see how he is.  So, I do the neuro tail test, and he didn’t fail it!! That’s some improvement right??  She decides that even though he seemed better at the tail test, because of the history of the lameness, and the weirdness of it all, she thinks I should bring him to a clinic, just because her radiology machine has been out of commission and wont be back till about a week.  I talk with my parents, and the owner, and we decide we should at least get one more opinion before I commit to bringing him somewhere.

Wednesday, I go to the barn, and one of the other boarders is having their vet out.  Hes also a reputable vet in the same firm as my vet, so I figure while hes here, he can see Ollie.  He does the neuro tests on him, and he passes! YAY! SOME sort of improvement!! He then asks me to trot him and yep, hes still lame. Also trotting with Ollie has gotten harder and harder.  He HATES trotting in hand, and when he hasn’t been worked he gets his excess energy out by being nippy.  Put the two together and its not fun… Anyways, its still the LF, at least one thing stays constant, and the vet checks his legs, which are again clean.  He doesn’t think we need to necessarily go to the clinic, since he passed his neuros, and believes we should just start at nerve blocks, and radiographs from there.  But because his machine is out, like my vets, he says it would have to be done in about a week.  At this point I’m so confused and overwhelmed, and don’t know what to do.

So this is where I’m at right now.  I think I’m going to put a call into the vet to see if she has a referrals of other good vets in the area with working radiology machines.  I knew I would have to get x-rays anyways for the pre-purchase, but this all is still just advancing to fast. 

Hope you guys are having a better turn of events then I am…


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