January 27th, 2012

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes!  It really means a lot to me and Ollie 🙂

Thursday, I decided I really didn’t want to wait a whole week to find out what was wrong with Ollie, so I called the vet and asked for referrals for someone to do the nerve blocks and x-rays.  Called this vet, I feel like I’ve met every vet in the area at this point, and she has an opening to come out the next day.  Awesome! Now I can finally figure out what the heck is wrong with him, and see what our road to recovery looks like.  I let Ollie have the day to himself, i.e. I don’t go out to the barn.

Friday, I get to the barn, about a half hour before the vet, and wait for her.  She shows up right on time, got to love that, and we get to work.  She has me trot him for her, still LF, and she performs the neuro tail test just in case.  He was fine on the neuro tests, which makes me think that on the day he failed them, he must have been very sore and just went along with what me and the vet were doing.  She saw he had shoes on, I of course didn’t have the foresight to call the farrier to get the shoes taken off, and said if we have to take x-rays of the hoof, well have to wait till the shoes are off.  We then started the nerve blocks.  Now, I had seen this performed at my barn back home, and I always thought it was very fascinating.  To think that by injecting something into a specific area could make the horse sound, is kind of mind boggling to me.  Ollie was such a good boy, allowing her to poke and prod him.  We start from the ground up, first doing the hoof.  This one covers most of the hoof, but not the front.  LAME.  (Hard to tell when Ollies playing with his head when we are trotting, but yup LAME).  We then do the second one, which covers some of the fetlock and all of the front of the hoof.  LAME.  Starting to get frustrated a bit.   We decide to do the fetlock joint itself, as he seemed a bit better from the second block then the first.  LAME.  About 2 hours have gone by now, and Ollie’s time limit is up.  We decide to do one more, and then call it a day, especially because the next block has four injection sites.  I start trotting him, expecting him to be lame yet again, but nope, hes SOUND.  So whatever is going on with him has been narrowed down to his knee area, or the carpal area.  And thankfully, because the hoof isn’t in the picture, we can have the x-rays done today.  YES! But I wont be able to get the results until later in the weekend, because she has to develop them at a local small animal hospital.

I almost don’t know if I’m happy that we found something, or if it completely bums me out.  Deep down, I was hoping he just was having growing pains, or something so insignificant like that, that the results from friday kind of scare me.  How much time will he need off?  Is this going to plague him his whole life, with flare ups and stuff? Will he need injections every 6 months?

But then again, I now know whats wrong.  I’m not blindly feeling my way in the dark, thinking its neurological one second, and regular lameness the next.  I know at least where hes hurting. 

I don’t think he minds not working.

He even gets to be hand grazed on what little grass we have left.

Hes so cute, and he was so fluffy this day so he looks plump.

This was the last ride I had.

He looked really pleased I know.  But the green looks so pretty on him!

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