It looks pretty grim

Got a call from the vet today, and got not so good news.  Ok, horrible news.  The x-rays show no abnormalities in the bone, which means its soft tissue.  The vet, knowing my situation, says he should probably be returned to the owner.  She explains the therapies are costly, and don’t always ensure 100% recovery, so hes not looking like such a good prospect anymore. 

At this point we are going ahead with the ultrasound just to find out what exactly is wrong with him.  The owner is very understanding, even offering to keep him if he needs time off and calling me when/if he recovers.  I called her half crying though, so she must understand how much he means to me. 

This is all so depressing to me.  This blog has become such a sad chronicle of everything going sour. 

Again thank you to everyone for your support through all this.  Although I may not know any of you personally, it really means a lot to me how much writing this all out has comforted me. 


8 thoughts on “It looks pretty grim

  1. I'm sorry to hear about the results… hopefully the ultrasound will show something that is manageable so you can keep working with Ollie. I just rehabbed my mare's torn ligament and it wasn't cheap or fun, but we made it to the other side and I hope you and Ollie can too!


  2. No idea how he would have done this. He doesn't normally run to much during turnout, but maybe he did it at some point in the paddock. Unfortunately, my time with Ollie is now drawing to an end. Even though I love him, I have to be realistic about my riding goals. And from what the vet has told me, even if we do spend top dollar on whatever rehab treatment there is, he may never be 100% again.


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