February 3rd, 2012

So today was the fated ultrasound day.  We brought Ollie to the clinic, and the vet started off with a lameness test.  And wouldn’t you know, Ollie decided not to be lame today.  I showed the vet a video on my phone of him being lame just two days before, which really added to the mystery of whatever has been going on.  So we brought him into the ultrasound room, and the vet proceeded to ultrasound his left front, and right front.  He found nothing abnormal, nothing that would jump out and scream “THIS IS WHY OLLIE’S BEEN LAME!” Now you might think this great turn of events would be a good thing, but no.  Because my vet had at some point thought he might have something neuro, and because he has been SO inconsistent with this lameness, my vet, after speaking with the vet at the clinic, concluded that she couldn’t with good conscience tell me to buy this horse.  My vet continued on to say, that had she been in my situation, she would not take the risk.  So with a heavy heart, I made the decision to return Ollie to his owner.  Hopefully he’ll get a loving home somewhere, it just wont be with me. 

I’ve stressed myself out over this situation for far too long, and I’m now in an “indifferent” stage in my level of stress processing.  I just really want this to be over with.  I do care about him, trust me I do, but I need to be realistic with myself and my future goals.

At this point, I’m just going to take some time off, of course I’ll still serve as my friends groom and live vicariously through her as she shows on the HITS Ocala circuit, but I need some time to really chill out.  I may take some lessons, when I find a decent lesson barn in the area, to fill my random horsey needs, but at this time my horse buying search is being put on the back burner.  Maybe on my trip to Belgium, which is just a hop skip and a jump from Germany, AKA gorgeous pony land, I’ll look around there for something.  Of course there will be pictures, but we have rescheduled the trip to the middle of May, so we can stay two and a half weeks instead of one. 

But not to worry!! Ill still be blogging about my random adventures, and maybe I’ll post a couple picks from the shows I attend as moral support to said friend. 

BTW if anyone is down near Ocala and needs anything veterinary related, Ocala Equine Hospital is great.  They really made sure that Ollie was comfortable, he had a beautiful stall for the day, and they had gorgeous hay shoved in his face the whole time we were there, all this for no extra charge.  And the staff were very knowledgeable, and tried to help me understand everything they were doing to him.

Ah well, everything happens for a reason right?


6 thoughts on “February 3rd, 2012

  1. Man I am so sorry for all of these crazy and awful things! Just have to keep in mind that the perfect horse is out there for you. So sad that it isn't Ollie BUT something wonderful is waiting for you!

    Please keep posting and pictures from the fancy horse shows are always welcome!


  2. I wish I had read your blog at an earlier date. There is a blood test called ELISA that is new and inexpensive. It may have helped in Ollie's case. From my recent experience with my own horse and others in my barn, he would have been a good canidate to be tested for EPM with the new ELISA test. The vet in charge of the field study is Dr. Ellison (www.pathogenes.com) and she is in Florida. You can google her, if interested. My vet is part of her field trial up here in Illinois working towards FDA approval and getting the treatment to the market. Horses with all sorts of funky symptoms-are being tested, and if positive, treated with a new (affordable) drug and being cured. My horse is one, and there is another blogger, A Year With Horses, who chronicled her horse's journey back to health. EPM does not always cause the severe symptoms such as side walking. Some can be very subtle, like toe dragging or intermitant lameness. I understand Florida has a lot of cases, as does Illinois.
    A lot of horses that are “just not quite right” are being helped thru the field study. Not saying that is what Ollie had/has, but it just sounds like it could be a possibility after all the other testing you had done.
    Good luck to you!


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