No, Im not dead I promise!

Hello everyone!!! So I know I’ve been such a bad blogger lately, but its really that I have nothing to blog ABOUT.   I have, as I said, been going to lots of shows with friends, I went home for a weekend and watched the grande prix at WEF, but my “camera”, well call it that, SUCKS! I’ve been using my moms camera, which is fancy and touch screen, but cant take a good picture unless the subject is still and there is nothing behind them.  Sigh. So I took one on my phone, which is surprisingly better then the actual camera. 

The middle of an enormous triple combination

In other news, I added a new member to the family.


Everyone meet Oscar, my new pound puppy!! Right now I’ve got my hands full with him, so thats a good thing.  Isn’t he CUTE!!!

So thats all I have for you guys today.  I’m still around, so I’ll be posting randomly, but not like I was before, every other day. 


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