April 8th, 2012

I have some news everyone, GREAT NEWS! So me and my parents talked everything over again, and came to an agreement that I can start looking again at purchasing a new greenie. To say I’m excited again is an understatement!

So I have gone to see some prospects and while I didn’t get pictures this time, I am going again on Wednesday and on Friday to look at more.  These are the ones I saw on Wednesday of last week:

1. The first horse I saw was a bay 4 yr old 16.3 Oldenburg/TB cross gelding.  He was SO QUIET, which I loved and he was very sweet.  But he was also 16.3, and had just turned 4, so I’m sure in a year or two I’d look like a little nugget on him.  Also, I really didn’t like his trot at all, very sewing machine like, even though his canter was AWESOME.  Too bad really, but he was so sweet. 

2.  The second horse I saw was a steel gray late 3 year old 16.3 Oldenburg/TB cross stallion.  The seller was very upfront about the fact that he had a soundness issue.  He was quiet, and cute, but he had labored breathing when in work, not to the point of roaring, but enough that I’m sure he would be marked down in a hunter class.  And plus he was already 16.3, and not gelded yet, and while he was still very quiet, its an added cost that I don’t need. So I moved on to the next one.

3.  The third horse we saw was a 6 year old gray 16.2 Thoroughbred.  He was by far the STOCKIEST Thoroughbred I’ve ever seen, and he looked very warmbloody in his type.  Since he was older, he was much more schooled then the horses I’d seen so far, which was nice.  And he was a cute little mover, not the fanciest, but very cute.  I schooled him over a 3′ course and it felt awesome.  He as a push ride, but not to much that you’d have to keep pushing throughout the ride, just the way I like.  While I did really like him, he was by far my favorite out of everyone, I feel like he was at the peak of his performance right now.  No, I don’t expect to be doing any 4′ courses, but then again I don’t want to be restricted to 3′.  He would be a great lease horse, but I don’t think they had a lease in mind.  I’m going to see him again on Wednesday, just to be sure, so I’ll take a picture then.

4. The next horse I saw was a 3 yr old 16.2 chestnut Selle Francis gelding.  He was exactly the opposite ride of what I wanted, so much so that I stopped the agent from showing him to me.  He was going to make someone a great lower level jumper, but would never be a hunter.  So I quickly moved on…

5.  The last horse we saw I was really just humoring the selling agent.  She brought out this tiny little appendix, and explained to me that while she might not be what I envisioned, she was a steal at her price.  So I humored her and watched her go, and she was cute, but childrens hunter cute, not adult hunter cute.  And she was only 15.1.  So I said thank you, but no thank you.

All in all my favorite was the Thoroughbred, but like I said, I don’t know how far he’d be able to go. 

So Wednesday, I’m seeing the Thoroughbred again, as I said to make sure I really don’t think hes a good match for me, and I’m also seeing a 4 yr old Escapade mare.  I’m really curious to see how this mare moves, because I generally don’t like the way the Escapades move, but we’ll see. And don’t worry I’ll remember to take pictures this time 🙂


5 thoughts on “April 8th, 2012

  1. I honestly don't know, but when I saw him go with the seller I didn't think he had the scope to do anything more. Ill have to take video when I go this Wednesday so you guys can see if I'm just being super duper picky or something.


  2. How exciting!!! I can't wait to see pictures.

    I loved Houston after I rode hiim but wasn't overwhelmed by him the first time I saw him go (in video or in person) but he is the best guy ever. I couldn't have asked for a nicer greenie for me.

    Good luck in your search!!! I hope you find something awesome soon 🙂


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