April 11th, 2012

Hello Everyone! Happy hump day 🙂

So today, as many of you know, I went to look at another prospect.  I ended up not even looking at the gray again, as a lease wasn’t available for him.

So today the selling agent brought me to a breeders farm, tucked in the middle of no where.  When we got there, my friend Morgan, my honorary videographer, and I walked up to the barn and were greeted by the two most adorable dogs ever, besides our dogs of course.  A HUGE akita named Chubbs, so fitting, and a teeny tiny little chiweenie thing named Teeny, also very appropriate.  When we finally were able to regain any sense of why we were really there in the first place, the owner of the operation gave us a small tour on our way to get the baby out of the paddock.  She had some NICE horses there, lots of well bred, well kept momma and babies.  She went into one paddock and brought out a smallish, around 15.3, little black mare that at first I really didn’t like all too much.  She put her on the cross ties to get her tacked up, and as I started to inspect her, and talk more to the owner about her, I started to like her more and more.  She has a gorgeous neck, I wish I had taken a confo shot of her, and a nice short back, with a big bum.  Just the way I like them :-). We got her all tacked up, and headed out to the ring.  The breeder got on, and explained how she hadn’t been ridden in two weeks, and how she has never needed to be lunged ever.  She proceeded to ride her, and rode her very dressagy, very forward driving, and very all over the place.  She looked cute enough, so I got on.

She felt very comfortable, my leg fell on her sides nicely, and I felt like I just fit.  We started to trot around, she was obviously a bit frazzled after her dressagy ride, but she relaxed rather quickly.  There was a jump chute in the small ring, that had police tape as a barrier for the inside wall that kept flapping in the wind, and it blew in the wind and hit her in the butt.  She scooted and stopped to turn around quickly like “What the heck was that?” and went about her business, which was great to see.  And then, since we had to be tested, the land maintenance guys started picking up branches in the paddock next to the ring and sent all the horses running around like crazy beasts.  All she did was stop and stare, good girl.  We cantered, felt very nice, and trotted a couple of jumps, which she did well.  The breeder explained that she hasn’t jumped really at all, save for in the chute, as she is a dressage rider.  So considering she hasn’t done any she did it well, listened to me before for the most part, and came back quickly afterwards.  Overall she was very good 🙂

Here are some videos my friend took for me:


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