April 14th, 2012

I’m very excited right now.  And I’m sure your all DYING to know how everything went and who I liked better.  Well, I didn’t have to choose.  I got a text message late last night from the trainer with the chestnut, cancelling todays appointment.  He said he didn’t want to waste either of our times because it seemed like I’d already found a horse I liked, and that I should call him if I ended up not going with her.  Hmm ok? Well whatever, it wasn’t meant to be with him I figure, so I moved on.

So today was the day that I got to ride the little black mare again.  They brought her over to the agents farm so I could see her in a new environment.  I got there, and hopped right on, with no one schooling her first.  And let me tell you, there was such a difference from when she was ridden softly from the beginning, to when she was ridden very forward, dressage-like in the beginning.  She was much calmer, much more attentive, and over all just more awesome.  Walk, trot, cantered her, she was awesome at all three, and did a little trot course with her.  She was so good, listened to me at every moment, slowed down just by the sound of my voice, and was so good.  Can you guys tell I’m in love? So my dad, AKA the business man, is going to start the negotiations and well start preparing for the vetting.  Here are some pictures, sorry no video, that we took after our ride. 

Love her confirmation.  Like a big pony!!
Is that the grain bin I hear?

In other news, has anyone had a dog that was a complete baby? I woke up on Friday morning and got Oscar to go to Petco to pick up some stuff.  Well when I got there and took him out of the car, he was limping bad.  Whimpering and three legged bad.  I checked his joints, nothing, and checked his pads and webbed feet, nothing.  Called the vet and they said ok, rush him in. 

I get to the vets office and Oscar back to his bouncy self, putting weight on the foot again.  I was like um ok well since he doesn’t seem to be off on it anymore I’ll bring him home and watch him, and call if hes lame at all again.

I get home and not even two seconds out of the car hes like this again. I mean really? Called my mom and she said just give him a couple hours and see if it goes away.  It did, hes fine now, but I mean really? Could he worry me and more??

Anyways, thats all I have for you guys today! Hopefuly my next post will be filled with a lot more excitement!


9 thoughts on “April 14th, 2012

  1. SOOOOO excited for you! Funny how this might be the horse for you when you weren't looking for one like her. She is a DOLL and I am crossing my fingers that all goes well! Can't wait to get an update! 🙂


  2. She is SO CUTE! I love her chrome!

    I hope you aren't too upset you didn't get to try the chestnut. Everything happens for a reason!

    As for dogs that are babies… what a silly guy- He has gotten big since you got him it seems! Hopefully he is just being silly but have you checked his pads/ nails? One time Fred had something stuck between pads and displayed similar characteristics. Just a thought. Once I got it out he was fine. It was just a small burr.

    Looking forward to hearing how the PPE and what not goes! Very exciting that you might be the new “mom” to a pretty little mare soon!


  3. Thanks everyone!! I hope everything goes well too! I'm not too upset about not seeing the gelding, I think it just wasn't meant to be with him.

    At the moment her name is Libby and her show name is Entourage, but I don't know if I want to keep either one. Libby sounds like an old broodmares name to me for some reason…

    As for Oscar, I checked his pads, nails, and the webbing between his toes and couldn't find anything. I think he must've just stepped on something and was being a bit dramatic about it.


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