April 18th, 2012 continued

Shes passed!!! So far.  We still have the blood work to get through, but at this point things are looking good!  Everyone commented on how lovely she was, how quiet she was, and how pretty she was.  She was such a good girl 🙂

On another note, since I didn’t know how long I was going to be at the vets for the PPE, I put the puppers in doggy daycare.  I went to go pick him up, and I did the most embarrassing/painful thing.  I FELL out of my car.  FELL, like I didn’t know where my feet were and fell.  There was a vet tech in the parking lot throwing out trash that came to see if I was ok, which added to my embarrassment, but it was nice of her.  I fell HARD on my left knee, my face (more specifically my nose), and scraped up my elbow.  To say I’m hurting right now is an understatement.  My knee is swollen, but I think its just bruised, and all the fluid in there is making it hard for me to bend it.  UGHHH I still cannot believe I did that!!!


3 thoughts on “April 18th, 2012 continued

  1. Sorry about the fall. Hopefully your knee is just a little banged up and nothing serious.

    I am so glad that the PPE went well so far! How long will it take for you to hear back on the blood results?


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