April18th, 2012

So the negotiations are over, and all thats left is the pre-purchase exam, which is today.  To say I’m nervous is a bit of an understatement, as I’ve witness many friends fall in love with lots of horses, only to be told they already have navicular changes, or that they have OCD in their joints, its always been something. Hopefully there will be nothing and she’ll pass it with flying colors.  She would be an awesome birthday present (my birthday was Monday).  I, of course, will let everyone know how it goes today!!

On another note, I now have to find a new boarding place… again.  I am having her in training for the first month, thats really all she needs, so I don’t need to know right away, but I need to know fairly soon. I am emailing the manager at Blue Sky, the place I had Ollie, just to let her know I’m looking for another place and that I would stay if this and this changed.  Who knows maybe she’ll decide to change the things that I, and basically every boarder there, send her.  Its so frustrating how there aren’t any good places out here.  I don’t need much!!

Things I need in a boarding facility:

  • A COMPETENT staff, or at least one person who knows what they are doing.  That was one thing I couldn’t stand at BS (haha bs…) and that was the live-in BM total laziness. There was a broken fence board in Ollies paddock that wasn’t fixed for a whole week,  because she needed help to do it.  I could have done it myself, and I am not strong by any means.  
  • Nicely bedded, safe stalls.  I like how at BS they had the soft stall comfort system, but it wasn’t kept up, and the material that was underneath the cover had shifted into a lump in the middle of the stall.  Not very comfortable for laying down I’m sure.  Plus the stalls had that pelleted bedding that I really don’t like.  Made everything so dusty, and just didn’t look comfortable for the horses.
  • A ring with nice footing, and decent jumps.  It doesn’t have to be fancy!  But when all the boarders choose to ride in paddocks instead of the ring because the footings so bad, you know theres a problem.  And when you have a round pen listed as an amenity, but you cant even get into it there are so many gopher holes, theres an even bigger problem.
  • And last, a good atmosphere. I really love the social aspect of riding, and love having friends who feel the same way I do about the sport.  I also would love to bring my pup out there, once hes trained of course. 

See, I don’t need much! I don’t need a covered ring, or state-of-the-art footing.  I just need a nice, well-kept place to ride and socialize!!  Is that too much to ask!!

3 thoughts on “April18th, 2012

  1. Very excited for your next post! I am crossing my fingers for you 🙂

    On boarding… It is so hard to find a facility that you can trust. Hopefully the farm that you were at will address the issues you confront them about. It is definitely important to have a socially pleasing atmosphere to ride at. I hope that you find a place that is perfect for you and the potential pony. As for the month of training that is nice! Would that be with the trainer that worked with Ollie before? That will give you time to find a boarding facility which is always nice.

    Hopefully you will get the good news of an amazing birthday present in the form of a flashy black mare 🙂


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