April 21st, 2012 continued

I went to the barn, just to groom her and fiddle dink around with her.  So I came out and there were people there to look at more sales horses.  I love watching all the horses go, and watching the people try them.  I don’t know why, I think its just really exciting.  So I grazed her for a bit, and groomed her and she looked so pretty!!

As you can tell shes thrilled about all this.  I thought it was pretty funny because I left her like this, in the corner of her stall after I messed with her tail and everything, and she was still there like an hour later.  But then she finally just went down to take a nap.

Isn’t she cute!!!

She really wanted to sleep, and I just had to take pictures. 


9 thoughts on “April 21st, 2012 continued

  1. She is ADORABLE!!! And so sorry about your knee :/ that doesn't look fun. I fell my senior year of highschool on one of our senior trips and my knee looked like that but it was also skinned… It was better about 2+weeks later… I was a little gimpy for graduation.

    I hope you recover quickly and thanks for sharing pictures! 🙂


  2. Also- I have been super interested in breeding/ bloodlines since I started shopping for ponies and even though I have one I still am interested. I did a search on Libby? with her daddy in it and was able to find pictures of her as a baby. Or I think it is her anyways… Hopefully you won't think I am weird for having looked it up and will like the pictures, haha.



  3. I don't think your weird lol, I did the exact same thing when I learned her name and everything because her breeder was very well known. Isn't she adorable as a baby??? I wonder if I can get some real baby pictures, like days old pics…


  4. Glad you don't think I am weird, haha. I bet if you contacted her breeder you could get some. It is worth a try anyways.

    And yes… I want to steal her… Houston has been telling me he wants either a girlfriend, a mini, or a goat… She is definitely the most appealing of the options in my mind! lol.


  5. I wish… The breeder passed away a couple of years ago, and the family sold everything, which is actually how I'm able to get her because the breeder who purchased her from the original breeder was able to acquire her dam, so she didn't exactly need her. I can ask anyways, its always worth a try…


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