April 21st, 2012

I still cannot believe I fell out of my own car.  And got hurt from it!!  I haven’t even been able to go see the adorable horse that I am hopefully buying 😦 I’m going out today to see her, but I doubt I’ll be riding, as it is still a bit tender.
I spoke to my physical therapists from home and he said to just give it a few days, as it sounds like I just have a large contusion, or bruise.  Sounds good to me!! I can still walk, go up and down stairs, and the normal stuff.  I just do it a lot slower then normal, since the swelling makes my leg feel 10x heavier then normal.  And because the injury is at my knees, which are weird to begin with, its hard to take pictures to send to my parents so they can see what I’ve done to myself. 

These pictures aren’t gruesome or anything, so don’t worry. 

 This is the best one I could get that showed the swelling.  Its the large pocket on the inside of my left (right in the picture) knee.  And no, my knees aren’t normally so asymmetrical lol

 This one and the picture below just show the bruising.  It is a lot darker, but for some reason, be it lighting, or lack of an actual camera, it doesn’t show up very well on my camera phone. 

 So yep, I’ve been icing it and trying to lay low, or lower.  Not so easy when you have a rambunctious puppy dropping toys RIGHT ON YOUR KNEE! But hes adorable so I guess its alright. 

I mean come on.  Who could stay mad at that?

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