April 28th, 2012

Hey everyone! On Thursday, I finally took my mom and dads, and some of you guys, advice and went to a Med-Express.  By myself.  That in itself is kind of scary to me, going to any type of Dr. alone, I normally have my mom come with me, since I’m such a baby.  So after I got all the insurance and everything settled, they brought me in and the Dr. looked at my knee, and said,”We’re going to need to draw out some of that fluid.”  And then I freak out.  Because you can’t draw out fluid without needles! And I don’t do needles, at least when they are pointed at me.  I get an x-ray, everythings normal yay, and come back to the room where hes setting up everything.  He assured me it would be totally painless, that he would freeze the area and I wouldn’t feel a thing.  So I did it.  By myself.  I should get a medal or something for bravery.  Unfortunately, I’d waited too long to do something about it, and all the blood was clotted, so nothing could really be drawn out.  I know am on infection watch, as thats the real problems associated with hematomas left in the body.  Woops.

On another note, went out to see my little mare, with a horse savvy friend, and puppy in tow.  Just to groom, as my knee was, and still is, so sore from being poked and prodded.  Gave her a quick grooming, she really needed a bath, but we were on a schedule and that didn’t fit in it, and I think shes getting used to more attention now.  Its probably very different for her, going from just being turned out in a broodmare field, to being stalled, and played with.  But I think shes liking it so far.  Still need to find ways to get her used to water on her face, but we have time.

Now that I have a horse (BTW everyone, her blood work came back 100% normal, so shes officially mine!!! Can’t put pictures up on Facebook for the world to see yet, gotta break it to the siblings first.) I really need a new saddle that fits, pronto.  I’ve been looking around online and really havent seen anything worthwhile.  My trainer told me about a place in Ocala called The Good Apple, that has tons of saddles, so I might be making a trip there either today or tomorrow, as a break in between my studies.  Ill also put my saddle on consignment there, since I need it gone.  I also might be putting a bridle that my friend gave me on consignment there, since it really doesn’t fit her.

Anyways, thats all for today I think.  I leave you all with a video I took of Libby at the vets during the pre-purchase.  I don’t think I’ve shown it to you guys, but if I have, sorry for the repeat.  She doesn’t like my kisses haha.  Have a good weekend everyone!!


5 thoughts on “April 28th, 2012

  1. Sorry about your knee… I hope that you recover quickly. Were they able to give you anything to help with swelling or pain?


    So happy for you. I look forward to reading what saddle you decide on as I am also in the market for a new one.


  2. They gave me a stronger Ibuprofen, which I haven't really been taking since it can make me a bit nauseous. And the consignment store was a bust. The lady told me she was cleaned out since everyone from HITS was here, so I guess I have to keep looking… I dont even know what I'm looking for anymore…. Im gonna email the ADT rep, I heard some nice things about their saddles.


  3. I have heard good things about the ADT saddles too. I would kill for a used CWD but Antares is more realistic. I tried to talk with a rep yesterday though at Rolex and found them pretty rude so that was kind of a turn off on the brand.

    I have had to take the stronger ibuprofen too and I just always made sure I had eaten something. I normally took it mid meal and that seemed to help me so my stomach had something lining it.

    If you are looking for a schooling bridle (saw it in their tent) I was super impressed with the SmartPak Harwich bridle which was only $142 and even the Plymouth at $99 seemed really nice. Both included reins. There have been some awesome bridles on ebay though so if you knew her size you might be able to snag something great on there. 🙂


  4. My old trainer was sponsored by Antares, so the rep I know was always very nice. My problem is I've never seen the ADT's in person, and I don't know really anything about them. At least with the Antares, I've sat in a lot of them, and I generally know what fits me flap length, seat depth, and flap rotation wise.

    Yea, I'm going to need to do it mid meal… When I study though I just snack all day which is probably why it isn't enough.

    I actually have three bridles at the moment. I have two Harwich bridles, which I like a lot, and a Rodrigo Pessoa padded fancy stitched bridle that my friend gave me when she got out of horses. Its pretty, but its a very reddish toned leather, even with lots of oiling, so I don't think it'll look good on her. Anyone want a nice bridle lol


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