May 4th, 2012

Hey everyone! Its been a little while, sorry about that.  Studying is so time consuming, but thankfully its over!!! My sophomore year of college is complete! Too bad I’ll have to stay all summer, so I only get a week off… Oh well.

In between studying, I was able to start training the pup for off leash stuff, and got a lesson in on Libby.  Is it sad to say I’m pretty sure my training session with my puppy was harder then riding the baby??  We flatted for a bit, and did a little course.  She was so good, jumped me out of the tack twice, gotta get myself more secure, and was just overall a very good girl.  She’s starting to understand what the rein pressure means, which is awesome, considering we’ve only had her for two weeks at the most now.  I really liked that she was started in dressage, but we’ve had to reteach her certain things because of it.  But she’s already learned so much, it makes me excited for the future with her.  My trainer suggested that the weekend I come back, we bring her to a little schooling show, and she would ride her around for me.  If its not to expensive, I really hope to be able to do that with her, as Im sure she’d benefit from it.

On the saddle search:  I have been emailing back and forth with the rep from ADT, who does free fittings by the way, and she has been trying to work within my schedule to set up a time to try saddles.  She has been so awesome so far.  I love companies that have awesome customer service, and I have a feeling if I do end up with ADT, that I’ll be very happy.

Also, since I’m home, I’m going to stop by the local consignment shop here to try some of their saddles.  From their last updated list on Facebook, it seems like they may have some good options for me.  They even have a Voltaire saddle in that I’ve been dying to just sit in.

And some more good news.  I have sent out emails to the Gainesville boarding places again, and the one that I really liked emailed me back and said there might be an opening!!! Someone is thinking of selling their horse, and if they do, they’ll move them to a training facility, meaning a stall would open up for MEEEE! This is the really nice place, probably the nicest in Gainesville, with a covered ring, nice well kept paddocks, and a very professional staff.  The only thing is that there isn’t a trainer on staff, but thats fine since I’ll be bringing my trainer now in.  Still, its always nice to have a trainer there…


2 thoughts on “May 4th, 2012

  1. Woohoo! I was wondering where you disappeared to! I totally understand that puppy being harder than the pony… My dogs are definitely much harder to train… Well one of them anyways.

    I hope that the ADT's are awesome… I may just have to try to sit in one… Our CWD and I believe even Antares rep will come out for free so I just may have to try to sit in something. I have been avoiding those brands because they aren't wool flocked normally and I have no idea what would fit Stu…

    I hope the boarding thing works out for you! I understand the stress of figuring it out and also wanting an onsite trainer…

    Enjoy your week of freedom! How is your knee??


  2. I think its the terrier in him lol And I'm really excited for them. The rep has been so nice so far, that I can't wait to meet one in person. I went to the consignment store in Wellington today and sat in a BEAUTIFUL Voltaire saddle that I think was a bit small on me (okay very small). But its so pretty, and priced well, that I was thinking to myself I could lose the weight…. Too bad the flap is a bit to straight for my leg. Ill post some pictures of me in it anyways , just because its too pretty 🙂

    And I hope so too. I really like this place, save for the no trainer onsite, so if this'll work out, I'll be happy. I know my trainer said shed be more then willing to come out to see me, but its always nice, especially with a baby, if they were being exceptionally bad to have an impromptu lesson. Oh well, can't have it all.

    And I will!! I only get a week, but I will be doing absolutely nothing the whooooole time 🙂 My knee is a-okay. I went to the Dr. today, like our family orthopedist, and he said its fine, nothing broken, just a contusion. It'll still fluid filled for a while, but nothing to worry about, which was very good to hear. 🙂


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