May 4th, 2012 continued

So I really don’t have anything, but I went to the consignment store, and they had a couple saddles I was able to try out.  They had a nice Antares, but I really didnt like the feel of it.  They also had a Butet, but it was out on trial, so I didn’t get to sit in it.  And then I saw the GORGEOUS Voltaire, and of course I had to sit in it.  Its too small 😦 but its still so pretty!! GAHHH

Maybe if I fold my hands…

Nope, this aint fittin…
So too bad on that… But I leave you guys with a cute picture of me and the pup lounging by the pool.  Ah vacation 🙂
Getting some sun 🙂


5 thoughts on “May 4th, 2012 continued

  1. I know:-( I wish the Verhan that I liked before was darker… I can't stand light leather stuff on black horses, and after talking with the Verhan guy, he told me it wouldn't get as dark as I liked unless I made a totally new saddle with new leather. And I dont even technically have my own saddle anymore, as I'm dropping it off at the consignment shop this week. I just want something!! Thankfully my trainer is letting me use hers, otherwise I wouldn't be able to ride!! Weren't you in the market a little while ago? What did you end up choosing?


  2. Yeah I ended up with a Frank Baines. I wanted something higher end but didn't have the money to get exactly what i wanted and didn't want to settle.

    I really like the FB but one day I'll upgrade 🙂


  3. Yea, Im thinking that might be what I'm going to have to do. Find a nicer lower end saddle. But I'm still hoping the Antares and ADT tack fitters will be able to help me, and stay in my price range.


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